Bomoh Jual makhluk halus online untuk kebal, pengasih, pelaris guna FB ads

Gila. sungguh gila. tapi benar. Viral di laman sosial facebook apabila benda seperti makhluk halis dijual di media sosial melalui FB ads. Jarang sekali sesuatu seperti ini menggunakan sponsored post melalui FB ads. Walaupun tidak pasti samada barang barang ritual tersebut diluluskan di facebook namun ianya benar benar terjadi kerana telah ramai rakyat Malaysia telah melihat sponsored post tersebut terutama dari Kelantan.

Posting tersebut sebenarnya berasal dari Thailand yang menjual pelbagai peralatan mistik termasuk makhlus halus di media sosial . Kalau dulu kita digemparkan dengan sebuah bungkusan diposlaju mengandungi alatan mistik makhluk halus jenglot, Kini ianya terbukti makhluk tersebut adalah benar.

berikut adalah posting tersebut


Introducing one of the most hardcore and powerful occult item in Indonesian culture. For those who wants to own the most hardcore barang capable of granting any wish and performing ANY task the owner wish, a demonic being more powerful then any kind of spirit like Nam Man Prai, Lukok etc. Known as the Demonic Vampire of Indonesian, the Jenglot.

Jenglot is the body and soul of a black magic sorcerer or shaman (bomoh) who passed away but when he was buried, the earth does not accept his body hence becoming a vamparic demon also known as the Jenglot that is exceedingly powerful and greatly feared by the Indonesian people.

Just owning a Jenglot can bestow the owner if the great magical properties and effect of Kebal (invulnerability from sharp weapons) , Pengasih (Strong charm and attraction) , Pelaris (Attracting wealth and fortune) , Pengerun (authority) , Pengecut (be invisible whenever is required) , and many more.

The Jenglot are msot commonly used for helping the owner attain more wealth and bring in more fortune. The Jenglot can guide the owner to become more rich and powerful.

However, Jenglot are also often used to destroy a enemy, protect the owner from other kind of spirit or black magic, to bring misfortune to someone and create havoc to a person’s property etc. Jenglot can do anything the owner desires.There are many news on Indonesia of farm animals dying with 2 holes found on their body. When a shaman intervene, a Jenglot will later be discovered near by, which was sent by someone for ill intention.

Jenglot can also bestow the owner with sixth sense and communicate with the owner when requested. The Jenglot can be requested to tell about up coming event, read a person’s life, tell someone’s future etc.

Jenglot can be used for shamanic purposes as there are many Bomohs or Jenglot owners who uses their Jenglot power to perform task such as banishing spirits (exorcism), cleansing and etc.

These Jenglots for sale are done individually for particular customers who wants.Offerings are required.

AFTER purchase, a appointment will be made to consult so that he can brief more about how to look after this jenglot and a special prayer will be done to transfer ownership. This CANNOT be purchase off the counter. It requires a special ritual to take ownership of this really powerful demon.

More information can be found all over the internet, feel free to read up more about then.

Note that this is considered a very high end barang.

PM if interested

Sememangnya cukup menakutkan akan tetapi ianya benar benar berlaku. Krew Alert TV sendiri telah melihat posting tersebut dan kami censorkan page tersebut atas sebab sebab tertentu. Anda pernah nampak ke post macam ni?




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