Youtube Channel Application review? How long? Explanation

Youtube is one of the biggest site on the internet. Youtube is a internet video platform that enable user to share their video to Youtube site. However in 2006 , youtube is introducing revenue sharing for all of its creator by using adsense for their website . Youtube begin to show ads on its video platform. The revenue of the videos is shared directly to the creator or the owner of the video.

However as time grows , Youtube begin to introducing new policy for video uploading to ensure the videos passed all the international laws of video sharing . User can no longer upload copyrighted video and violation in community guideline can lead to account suspension. This is a big problem for user that is manipulating youtube algorithmm for views however they keep uploading to youtube as youtube is the largest site for video platform and the only site that offers 50% of channel revenue to creator.

As 2017 youtube seems to be suffering ad boycott over many major big company that invested alot of money to youtube site. Ads is being shown on non appropriate videos . This lead to youtube major loss in 2017 . To prevent this youtube is introducing another policy that reviews every videos in youtube to ensure ads is being displayed only on appropriate video . Youtube is also using some type of robot that learn and reviews suspicious channel.

However the robot is not as perfect as it seems. It began to remove thousands of youtube videos and channel . Only bigger channel with alot of subscriber and smaller channel is terminated without any hope. Youtube quickly realize this and started to employ real human to do video review job. Again its not as easy as it seems because theres thousands of videos uploaded to youtube everyday and older videos also needs to be reviewed .

This problems leads to alot stacked videos that is not being reviewed. Youtube also introduce manual review for newer channel in order to monetize the channel. This adds up the problems to youtube as no channel is being reviewed for 3 month. Newer creator is starting to lose hope and youtube started to open their mouth and saying that their hiring 10000 more video reviewer . However this is not enough for this problem. This problem got even worst when thousands of new channel is not getting reviewed . Alot of newer channed receive million of views but still cannot be monetized.

Creator starts to losing hope . youtube is saying that their channel is in review . The review process is much slower than channel asking for reviews. If youre new creator , unfortunately theres nothing you can do than just wait. Noone can approve your channel and this problem cannot be solved unless youtube itself introducing more suitable method for creator to review their channel.

Currently theres no way to solve this problem unless waiting.

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